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Odour Control Systems and Air Treatment launch a complete treatment strategy at NCS fluid Handling Systems

What does Odor Control Equipment and Water Treatment have in Common

What is odour control and industrial air treatment, how does equipment like Carbon Beds and sand pots play a role in both of these industries as well water treatment across North America. Odour control and industrial air treatment are critical for a safe and healthy work environment. These processes also […]

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Lamella Tanks were first used Canada by NCS Fluid Handling Systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs and overall water treatment footprint

NCS Water Treatment and Lamella Tanks it only makes sense

How Lamella Tanks and NCS Fluid Handling Systems are Revolutionizing Water Treatment Meeting Water Quality is mandatory: Clean water is a needed for life. Also, improving the purity and safety of water can be a hard work, especially with changing guidelines on water quality. Ontario and British Columbia, where the […]

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NCS Fluid Handling Systems A great place to work

Dewatering and Well-pointing at NCS

Well-point Dewatering is just the process that is used to achieve both the dewatering of a excavation as well as soil stabilization within the excavation for improved safety and ground water mitigation/ While well-pointing is used to dewater during construction activities such as pipeline installation or integrity digs, an excavation […]

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Dewatering across Canada is what NCS Fluid Handling Systems and partners do across Canada. Dewatering is defined as the intentional removal of groundwater or surface water from a location. Natural evaporation aside, a dewatering process typically involves removing surface or groundwater from the construction site by pumping. In construction, dewatering […]

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