NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides professionally designed fluid solutions in combination with superior technical service. NCS serves the Energy, Mining, Industrial and Municipal Construction markets with specialty services in Dewatering, Water Management Services, Hydro Testing, Filtration, Sediment Control, Well Point Dewatering, River Diversion, Sewer Bypass and Water Treatment systems.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides 24-hour service in both planned and emergency response projects with fluid pumping services, flood barrier products, spill containment and AquaFlex Environmental spill products across our branches in Canada.

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Focusing First on our Team, Safety, Quality and Customer Service Across Canada

NCS Fluid Handling Systems are a team of experts that provide API storage tank water transfer, hydro-testing and pipeline hydrostatic testing, river diversion, creek bypass, dewatering, water management, filtration, sewer bypass, sand-point dewatering and well-point dewatering services with the support of professionally reviewed and designed fluid management systems across North America.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems custom welding for professionally designed fluid solution.
NCS Fluid Handling Systems field technician at work on water treatment project.

On all job sites, NCS Fluid Handling Systems’ focus is to offer the highest level of customer care and service, putting safety first and adhering to our commitment of strong quality plans for your projects. NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides engineer stamped sewer bypass plans and also offers technically reviewed and designed solutions for water treatment, water filtration, sediment control systems, hydrocarbon removal as well as Iron Removal and other heavy metal treatment systems.  

NCS Environmental Products include portable flood barrier products, spill containment and spill clean up solutions now incorporated as a part of spill response teams across Canada.

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