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NCS Fluid Handling Systems and our business partners work to create local teams of experts that support water mangement project planning and operations year-round.


NCS Horizons is a First Nations business in partnership with, a Musqueam band member owned business, C&C Contracting and NCS Fluid Handling Systems that hold true the values of ongoing career development and training, safety in all our operations, respect for each other and a focus on customer care. NCS Fluid Handling Systems supports the partnership by remaining true to its roots, performing industry leading work in Lower Mainland and Vancouver.

NCS Horizons is a First Nations firm owned by C&C Horizons Contracting Ltd and NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc. NCS Horizons is excited for the new opportunities that present our team in the traditional Musqueam Lands and beyond. The team at NCS Horizons are based out of the lower mainland and Vancouver BC, with a Head office in Vancouver near Jericho Beach.

C&C Horizon Contracting Ltd, is a proud Musqueam Band member owned business. C&C Horizons Contracting Ltd is a family run construction company with over 25 years’ experience.

NCS Horizons is our partnership company with NCS Fluid Management. As a Musqueam band member Melanie Coyne has a strong generational passion and understanding of the responsibility to the stewardship of the lands and waters of her ancestral territories. We work alongside our Musqueam community engaging Musqueam Capital Corp and Musqueam Employment and training.

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By listening to the teachings of our Elders, our community and especially our youth, we intend to provide career and skill development that will support our people for future generations.

The NCS Horizon team endeavours to provide local skilled training and employment opportunities to Musqueam Band Members. In all areas of the industrial water management and custodial responsibility, inherent with professional water utilization services we incorporate the high level of customer care, safety, reliable equipment, and service that is the foundation of the NCS Fluid Handling Systems everywhere.

As a leader in water management services supporting industrial construction sites, municipalities, and the energy sector. NCS Horizon can safely and effectively manage several projects ranging from long line fluid transfer incorporating either HDPE pipe or Mine Flex Hose, Sewer Bypass, Dewatering, Water Treatment / Water filtration and Fluid transfer pumping systems. Our team is prepared to support any identified opportunities in pumps sales and on-site service support within all areas that NCS Horizon’s service. Construction services don’t stop for the seasons so why would NCS Horizon. Our team of contract engineers, designers and trained water management technicians supply projects and sites year-round. We offer dewatering using deep wells or well-pointing services such as well water treatment systems, water transfer systems and new pump supply and repairs of existing water pumping systems, year-round!

Customers in the region have the added comfort knowing that these projects are supported by the combined philosophy of C&C Horizons Contracting and NCS Fluid Handling Systems of continuous team development and training creating a local team of experts that are prepared to support project planning and operations year-round.

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Gitga’at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Dewatering, Water treatment and Water Management experts.

Gitga’at Development Corporation and NCS Fluid Handling Systems are extremely proud of the success of the ongoing partnership Gitga’at NCS Fluid Handling Systems based out of Northwest BC, with a Head office in Prince Rupert and branch offices in Kitimat and Terrace, the team provides the same high level of customer experience and service that is the foundation of the NCS Fluid Handling Systems businesses everywhere.

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With jobs in the area that range from performing the largest LPG Hydro-tested tank in Canada to a wide variety of water treatment, river bypasses, dewatering (both deep well and well-pointing) and water pumping solutions, all supported by our Gitga’at NCS Professional engineered fluid solutions team. These projects advance knowing that their water filtration, water treatment and water management programs work in conjunction with other activities during construction to support overall safety and project economics.

The team has grown to over 30 trained administrative and technical people and is actively looking to recruit, train and add top talent to the region in support of the growth the Gitga’at NCS Fluid Handling Systems team recognizes for the future.

Avoid the confusion around water pumping and get the design right first time call Gitga’at NCS Fluid Handling Systems.

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