Water Treatment

Lamella Tanks were first used Canada by NCS Fluid Handling Systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs and overall water treatment footprint

NCS Water Treatment and Lamella Tanks it only makes sense

How Lamella Tanks and NCS Fluid Handling Systems are Revolutionizing Water Treatment Meeting Water Quality is mandatory: Clean water is a needed for life. Also, improving the purity and safety of water can be a hard work, especially with changing guidelines on water quality. Ontario and British Columbia, where the […]

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NCS Fluid Handling Systems Brings Advanced Water Treatment to Western Canada with Lamella Tanks

Lamella tanks are a part of the solution: With the increasing threat of climate change and pollution, water treatment systems have become more important than ever before. NCS Fluid Handling Systems, a leading provider of fluid handling equipment and solutions across Canada, has brought advanced water treatment to Western Canada […]

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