Cross Canada Operations and top level Operations combine to lead the industry across Canada

Since the beginning of business NCS Fluid Handling Systems and its partners have has supported the largest of dewatering, water management, water treatment or erosion and sediment controls projects with plenty of complexity safely and successfully. Regardless of scale of your dewatering or water treatment project or it complexity have comfort that the team at NCS et al across Canada are the team you should be working with.

Working with the cross Canada team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides clients the comfort that they have an professionally trained experienced team of engineers, designers, technicians and project managers that value safe performance, customer first service and integrity.

A focus on delivering top level customer dewatering, water management and site water treatment with a professional solution based approach has been the foundation that the NCS Fluid Handling Systems has built its business.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is a professional service provider specializing in fluid solutions for various markets, including Energy, Mining, Industrial, and Municipal Construction. The service package encompasses a wide range of services:

Dewatering and Water Management Services:

NCS Fluids offer overall site water and water management solutions for managing and controlling water in mining applications, energy sites, construction and industrial sites.


This involves hydro-testing the integrity of storage tanks and pipelines using water as a test media.

Filtration and Treatment:

NCS provides technically reviewed and designed solutions for water treatment, water filtration, sediment control systems, hydrocarbon removal, as well as Iron Removal and other heavy metal treatment systems. Options include state of the art remote monitoring and Lamella tanks.

Sediment Control:

NCS provides solutions to manage and control sediment in water bodies. AKA ESC

Well Point Dewatering:

This dewatering service is used to control and lower groundwater levels in construction or remediation projects. In addition Eductor systems and deep well dewatering are a core service to the overall dewatering service package.

River Diversion:

NCS offers services to divert rivers for construction or environmental restoration projects.

Sewer Bypass:

They provide solutions for redirecting sewage flow or sewer bypassing the flow around a construction or repair site.

24-hour Service:

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides 24-hour service in both planned and emergency response projects with fluid pumping services, flood barrier products, spill containment and Aqua Flex Environmental spill products across their branches in Canada.

Fire Fighting Water Supply Support:

NCS provides support for fire fighting water supply by supplying pumps, tanks and hose.

Flood Pumping Services:

In emergency situations, NCS offers flood pumping services and emergency response. Water Filled Coffer Dams, pumps and Potable pumping equipment.

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