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NCS Fluid Handling Systems a cross Canada water management and water treatment solutions and service provider

Superior dewatering and Water Management come together

Cross Canada Operations and top level Operations combine to lead the industry across Canada Since the beginning of business NCS Fluid Handling Systems and its partners have has supported the largest of dewatering, water management, water treatment or erosion and sediment controls projects with plenty of complexity safely and successfully. […]

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Key elements to consider when designing an industrial water treatment system. When it comes to water treatment, there are a few key elements that need to be considered to ensure the system is designed correctly. These elements include the quality of the water, the type of system needed, and the specific industry standards that need to be met. By taking all these factors into account, you can be sure that your water treatment system will meet your specific needs. NCS Fluid Handling Systems has extensive experience in designing custom water treatment systems for a variety of industries across Canada. So, if you're in need of a new water treatment system, or even just some advice on what components you need, we're here to help! Give us a call today and let one our experts assist you with your next project. Quality of the Water – The quality of water can vary depending on where you are located. It is essential to know the source of your water, as well as understand its chemical composition and any pollutants that may be present. Once you have a better understanding of what’s in the water, you can then make informed decisions about how it should be treated. Type of System Needed – Depending on the industry and application that you need your system for, there are several different types available. Each type brings its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to understand what kind of system will suit your needs best before making any final decisions. Industry Standards – Depending on the specific industry that you're dealing.

Water Management Across Canada

Water transfer systems may appear simple in nature at first glance. However, the real work is in the preparation, planning & execution prior to project kick off. Canada has some of the most stringent requirements for municipal management, industrial construction and energy development in the world. In collaboration with industry, […]

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Hydro-Testing NCS Fluid Handling Systems specialize in the design, set-up, management, and operations of hydro-test water supply systems and related code compliance testing. These systems are required for the hydro testing of such above ground storage tanks built in accordance to codes and standards such as API 650, 620 and […]

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This picture shows NCS Fluid Handling Systems field crews at work dewatering and water treating across Canada


Did you hear…. NO? …. Just wait, its big! The pumping equipment and fluid solutions industry in Canada is about to be revolutionised with the release of new water pumping technology and customer focused fluid solutions philosophy that will improve drastically and undoubtedly change the pumping equipment supply and service marketplace […]

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