Water transfer systems may appear simple in nature at first glance. However, the real work is in the preparation, planning & execution prior to project kick off.

Canada has some of the most stringent requirements for municipal management, industrial construction and energy development in the world. In collaboration with industry, owners and builders, NCS Fluid Handling Systems plays an important role in project success.

Before NCS Fluid Handling Systems crews arrive the project management team and the designers & engineering team coordinate key activities.

Items such as:

  • Water analysis ensuring test water suitability and establishing baseline so when test water is returned it is cleaner than the original source analysis.
  • Temporary Diversion License (TDL) and water meters in place ensuring that the requested amount of water on the TDL is withdrawn and returned.
  • Crossing agreements in place ensuring all stakeholders have been consulted and have granted access for temporary test water supply lines to cross land and existing utilities.
  • A water filtration & a water treatment system can be installed in place ensuring that the water is all returned to source cleaner than originally withdrawn.
  • If freeze protection is required NCS has 24MM BTU heaters. When the water is returned it is cooled to source water temperature, preventing temperature shock to aquatic life or plants.
  • Fish screens on suction inlets ensuring that no aquatic life is affected.
  • FLHA such as – Safe entry procedures are followed with lifeline, access boat and life jackets mandated.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems performs the important Hydrostatic pressure test support.

Hydrostatic testing is the process where the pipeline is pressured to the test pressure greater than the operating pressure.

This pressure test is mandated before any pipeline is put into service. 

NCS Hydrotesting support service includes:

  • test water transfer for the pressure test
  • water filtration
  • suction inlet fish screens
  • specialized industrial water heaters.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is proud to support the development of the Infrastructural development, municipal expansion & the Canadian Energy Sector.

As a Canadian owned and operated business everyone at NCS is proud to be doing it by keeping Canadians employed. NCS Fluid Handling Systems project managers, technicians, & administrators have grown over these past eight years by supporting each other as leaders and mentors.

Now expanding across Canada with a strategy of combining efforts to improve serve to the rest of Canada & United States has the teams extremely excited.

Proudly they continue to grow the excellent service reputation the NCS Fluid Handling Systems name is known for.

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