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River Diversion services and river water management systems are core to the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team and NCS is rated #1 in overall service by contractors across Canada

We are a specialty Water Management firm

Founded on integrity, solutions and an engineered focus. As an overall leader in the across Canada Water Management, River Diversion, Sewer Bypass, Construction Dewatering, Hydrotesting, Pumping System Design Municipal Maintaining and enhancing the municipal pumping / mechanical infrastructure is important for the smooth functionality of all municipalities. NCS fluid Handling […]

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NCS Fluid Handling Systems a cross Canada water management and water treatment solutions and service provider

River Water Management Projects

NCS Fluid Handling Systems a local to British Columbia Business working with such great BC Indigenous Businesses such as NCS Horizons for years on all types of project including River Water Management systems and River diversions. River Diversions or Creek bypass services – NCS Fluid Handling Systems River Water Management […]

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Water Transfer | Long Line Water Supply | Site Water Management

Complete Water management across Canada The team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems evaluates all projects with engineered solutions, safety and environmental care and custody during all our industrial water management projects. Surface water sources, like as lakes, rivers, and municipal supply a significant volume of industrially utilized water. Water must […]

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At NCS Fluid Handling Systems dewatering and sewer bypass are core services and with the addition of professional designers and new shops in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island NCS expands its service coverage.

Deep well – Eductors – Dewatering

Deep well Dewatering project In this case the project was to assist with ground water flow data for future industrial development. This valuable ground water data will form an integral part of the projects ground water management strategy. The dewatering program, as well as potential water treatment and disposal plan […]

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Lamella Tanks in Canada are assembled, painted and coated by NCS Fluid Handling Systems and supplied by the NCS Manufacturing division. Dustin Henderson, Ron Herman and Nkul Suresh lead the sales and design team in western Canada.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems and Lamella tanks

NCS Fluid Handling Systems and Lamella tanks, also known as Lamella Clarifiers. Lamella tanks are water treatment equipment that are widely used in industry around the world. These tanks are specifically designed to efficiently separate solid particles from liquids during the clarification and sedimentation process. The benefits of Lamella tanks […]

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