NCS Fluid Handling Systems and Lamella tanks, also known as Lamella Clarifiers.

Lamella tanks are water treatment equipment that are widely used in industry around the world. These tanks are specifically designed to efficiently separate solid particles from liquids during the clarification and sedimentation process.

The benefits of Lamella tanks are numerous with these tanks have a compact design. This allows for a higher surface area & greater settling capacity compared to traditional clarifiers or old 3 poly tank systems. This increased settling capacity leads to improved sedimentation efficiency. Tanks have a reduced footprint requirement. Lamella tanks are an ideal choice for projects with limited space. Area like the Lower Mainland or Vancouver, BC residential and commercial developer market.

Furthermore, Lamella tanks are highly effective in removing fine particulate matter from water, resulting in enhanced water quality. This is particularly important in regions where water treatment is crucial, such as western Canada. NCS Fluid Handling Systems has incorporated the use of Lamella tanks to elevate technology in the water treatment processes.

Lamella tanks have a scientific foundation. Lamella tanks which are also know as Lamella clarifiers have developed and refined over time to optimize their performance. The concept of utilizing inclined plates to enhance sedimentation was first introduced in the early 1900s. Since then, advancements in technology and engineering have led to the development of more efficient clarifier designs.

In regions like British Columbia, Lamella tanks have revolutionized water treatment systems by providing an effective alternative to the outdated and inefficient sediment control methods previously employed.

Lamella Tanks

The incorporation of new technology in tanks by NCS has not only improved water treatment in western Canada, but it has also contributed to overall environmental sustainability.

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