The mining sector plays a pivotal role in the Canadian economy. It is a major contributor to Canada’s gross domestic product, supports jobs, and stimulates economic activity in every province and territory123Mining operations provide well-paid jobs, training, and skills for employees, and contribute to the economy in the region where they are located, as well as many other regions of Canada through the purchase of goods and services3.

Water management pipe leading into a river.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is leading the way as a cross-Canada service provider and equipment supplier in site water management, water treatment, and site water remediation. They serve the Energy, Mining, Industrial, and Municipal Construction markets with specialty services in Dewatering, Water Management Services, Hydro Testing, Filtration, Sediment Control, Well Point Dewatering, River Diversion, Sewer Bypass, and Water Treatment systems45.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides 24-hour service in both planned and emergency response projects with fluid pumping services, flood barrier products, spill containment, and AquaFlex Environmental spill products across their branches in Canada45They also offer technically reviewed and designed solutions for water treatment, water filtration, sediment control systems, hydrocarbon removal, as well as Iron Removal and other heavy metal treatment systems45.

In summary, the mining sector is integral to the Canadian economy, and NCS Fluid Handling Systems is leading the way in providing essential services related to site water management, water treatment, and site water remediation across Canada. Their commitment to quality, safety, and customer service sets them apart in the industry45.

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