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Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) is a critical aspect of environmental management, particularly in regions like Western Canada and British Columbia (BC). This blog post will delve into the importance of ESC, the regulations governing it, and how NCS Fluid Handling Systems has emerged as a leader in this field, particularly in the lower mainland of BC.

Why is ESC Important?

ESC, also known as stormwater runoff control, involves a suite of methods used to prevent soils from eroding from a piece of land and to capture any that do erode1Eroded particles of soil, or sediments, can easily be moved off construction and landscaping sites by flowing water ending up in natural water bodies1These sediments can cause damage to receiving water bodies1Sediment in water bodies can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic plants, clog or abrade fish gills causing suffocation, smother aquatic feeding sites and spawning areas, and interfere with fishes’ ability to navigate1Preventing and controlling erosion is essential to the protection of natural streams, rivers, and saltwater ecosystems1.

Regulations Governing ESC

In Canada, the Fisheries Act prohibits the deposit or release of a deleterious (toxic) substance to fish-bearing waters1In high concentration, sediment is recognized as a deleterious substance1In addition, most municipalities have bylaws making it illegal to allow sediment-laden water to enter municipal storm drains or ditches1Provincial legislation in British Columbia also makes it an offence to pollute a stream1As a result, everyone who undertakes a construction or landscaping project that could cause erosion is advised to consider erosion prevention before they begin their project1.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems: A Leader in ESC

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides professionally designed fluid solutions in combination with superior technical service2They serve the Energy, Mining, Industrial, and Municipal Construction markets with specialty services in Dewatering, Water Management Services, Hydro Testing, Filtration, Sediment Control, Well Point Dewatering, River Diversion, Sewer Bypass, and Water Treatment systems2NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides engineer stamped sewer bypass plans and also offers technically reviewed and designed solutions for water treatment, water filtration, sediment control systems, hydrocarbon removal as well as Iron Removal and other heavy metal treatment systems2.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is dedicated to serving the industrial, construction, mining, municipal, and all segments of the energy sector in both planned and emergency environments3NCS Fluid Handling Systems’ focus is to offer the highest level of customer care and service, putting safety first and adhering to their commitment of strong quality plans for your projects3.

In conclusion, ESC is a vital aspect of environmental management in Western Canada and BC. NCS Fluid Handling Systems, with its comprehensive suite of services and commitment to quality and safety, has positioned itself as a leader in this field, particularly in the lower mainland of BC.

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