Complete Water management across Canada

The team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems evaluates all projects with engineered solutions, safety and environmental care and custody during all our industrial water management projects. Surface water sources, like as lakes, rivers, and municipal supply a significant volume of industrially utilized water. Water must be managed responsibly, in particular industrial water used in commercial development.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provide specific services such as water transfer and water monitoring and assists in the various permits and crossing agreements. As a year-round provider across Canada the provision for water heating and cooling upon return to sources is available.

Water transfer systems might appear easy at first. However, the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems works very hard on project success. This starts with an extensive client engagement, long before any hydro-test water or industrial water is transferred. To ensure all of our client’s success, NCS Fluid Handling Systems works with general contractors, constructors and owners ensure compliance with Canada’s strict water quality and pipeline construction guidelines. 

Our group of companies own one of Canada’s largest well-maintained fleets in the industrial water management sector.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems et al aid Canada’s continued development of the Canadian energy sector, as well as maintain the municipal infrastructure.

NCS and its partners businesses combined are a proud group of Canadian owned and operated professionals. Our teams work with industry leading focusing in all aspects of water management and industrial waste water management.
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Sewer bypass pumping system by NCS Fluid Handling Systems.

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