The management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is pleased to make the following notable achievements and announcements. 

Since becoming one of the founding partners at NCS Fluid Handling Systems, Caillan Charpentier has supported the operational team with excellent leadership skills and guidance to successfully complete over 100 Hydro-Tests on tanks and pipelines ( including Canada’s largest LPG and now LNG tanks ever constructed), as well as countless Water Treatment, Odor Control, River Diversions, Sewer Bypass, Filtration Solutions, Remote Monitoring systems, Well-point Dewatering and site water Dewatering Jobs across Western Canada.

It was not that long ago that we shared how pleased we were and congratulated Caillan on his most recent acknowledgment as one of the “top 10 Pump Professional to Watch”.

Since early in 2016 Caillan Charpentier has been in the role as
Vice-President of Operations for NCS Fluid Handling Systems. As the operational
team leader Caillan applies a solution-oriented mindset with his exceptional
analytical problem-solving skills.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems management recognized that Callan’s extensive
managerial experience in core services would guide the future of the
operational team. Allowing NCS Fluid Handling Systems to safely serve the new
markets that it has expanded into across Canada. With service locations in
Ontario and upcoming openings in Fort McMurray, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan,
Caillan and the team strive to bring NCS commitment to all of Canada and the
Northwestern USA.

Caillan continues to be supported by the growing team of experts focusing on
excellent in field-level support and solutions. Caillan has successfully
overseen the project execution and operational management of all the various
NCS projects. He has primarily focused on delivering exceptional service and
support to the NCS team and customers. This includes projects involving API
storage tank hydro testing, long-distance high-volume water transfer systems,
pipe line hydrostatic tests, river diversions, carbon bed and particulate
filtration, and well point dewatering.

Caillan acknowledges that the success of NCS Fluid Handling Systems relies
heavily on the steadfast support of our dedicated team. With Business
Development reps, Project Managers, Technical Sales pros, Foremen, Skilled
Technicians, and Admin staff, their dedication has been key to delivering
successful projects of all sizes and scopes.