AquaFlex Canada – Natural Spill Containment

NCS Fluid Handling Systems and its partner companies are solution minded firms. With our thorough understanding of environmental regulations and science, we offer principal based, natural, cost-effective solutions that respect both regulations and the environment. The NCS et al competitive distinction is to reduce total project costs by applying natural innovation to science and regulation without compromising environmental integrity or regulatory compliance.

We are extremely proud that we have taken our engagement for the environment one step further, with the use of this industry leading natural spill contamination solution.

An overview of the Open-Cell foam technology invented and owned by Scott Smith. The AquaFlex Canada technology is the next generation technology that was originally deployed in the BP, Deepwater Horizon Gullf Oil spill. AquaFlex Canada open-cell technology is the only technology capable of simultaneously detecting and removing oil and chemicals from industrial spills. This technology is used to preserve and protect sensitive ecosystems all over the world.

Used for both water testing and remediation/filtration of contaminated water for industrial oil and chemical spills.

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AquaFlex Canada oil detection, removal, and wringing system at work.
AquaFlex Canada eelgrass removing oil and dispersant from the surface of the water aswell as the entire water column.
The AquaFlex Canada Wave Strip Netted Boom with maximum open-cell surface area. It can be wrung out and easily re-used 10-15 times, it is also biodegradable.
AquaFlex Canada Open-Cell Eelgrass Technology proven to detect and remove contaminants from water.
AquaFlex Canada Open-Cell foam eelgrass detecting/removing oil from water as tested at the US BSEE Ohmsett facility in New Jersey. Open-Cell Technology was tested side by side with White Round Polypropylene Booms which failed to contain or remove the oil form water in this testing.

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