How Lamella Tanks and NCS Fluid Handling Systems are Revolutionizing Water Treatment

Meeting Water Quality is mandatory:

Clean water is a needed for life. Also, improving the purity and safety of water can be a hard work, especially with changing guidelines on water quality. Ontario and British Columbia, where the water quality guidelines are among the toughest in Canada are ever-changing, old water treatment tank systems may not be enough to meet the revised standards. This is where Lamella tanks and NCS Fluid Handling Systems come into play. We will discuss what Lamella tanks are and how NCS Fluid Handling Systems is bringing them to Canada to reduce water treatment footprint, increase efficiency, and aid clients in reducing water treatment costs.

This is where the NCS group of Companies and its partners bring in the Lamella solution:

Across areas of Canada water treatment tanks have been based on a 3-tank cascade system. These old systems our mainly in British Columbia and the Vancouver, BC market. First tank is used for initial settling, then 2nd for next treatment, and the 3rd for final wash. While possibly effective in the past, these tanks have become less efficient in recent years with water quality getting tougher and demands on smaller treatment systems. Clients have said for years “the treatment system is to big” and takes up to much valuable real estate. Old 3-tank system were not designed with high efficiency in mind. This makes it difficult to remove the required amount of pollutants and contaminants to meet water quality standards. This results in the potential expensive fines due to not meeting water quality or high costs to maintain the system.

Lamella tanks, have a proven history and are more efficient and cost-effective than the old poly tank systems. Lamella tanks are based on a solution that have angled plates to enhance the settling of solids from liquids. Wastewater flows through the angled plates, the solid particles settle on the plates. The sludge generated gravity settles or is removed by a sludge scraper. The clean water is then collected from the top of the tank and sludge removed from the bottom. The process reduces the amount of time required for required and enables the Lamella tank to treat up to 10 times more water than the 3-tank system.

In addition to being better, Lamella tanks also take up less space compared to traditional tanks. As they require less floor area, these tanks are easier to install, which results in lower construction costs. The Lamella tank’s modular design makes it easy to expand and adjust to meet changes in dirty water volume or composition. The Lamella tank’s low maintenance and op costs, along with its ability to produce higher quality water, make it an excellent alternative to out of date tanks.


NCS Fluid Handling Systems has a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet its clients’ demands. By bringing Lamella tanks to western Canada, NCS Fluid Handling Systems continues to bring value the water treatment by increasing efficiency, reduced costs, and significantly smaller the water treatment size. Collaborating with NCS Fluid Handling Systems in western Canada and its partners across Canada to upgrade the water treatment system with a Lamella tank can provide your business with long-term benefits. It would help your project to comply with water quality standards, avoid expensive fines, and improve overall efficiency. The Lamella tank is an investment that pays off in many ways. With NCS Fluid Handling Systems’ expertise and experience, it is a wise choice for you and the environment.

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