Dustin Henderson of NCS Fluid Handling Systems
Stop and see Dustin Henderson and Clint Johnstone and the rest of the NCS team in Vancouver at booth 310 at the LNG Conference

Come visit all of the NCS Businesses and partners at Booth 310 at the Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference May 9-11, 2023 in Vancouver.

The team is excited to present the new automation systems and the launch of the new NCS Process Equipment division that will reduce footprint on water treatment and EDC systems across Canada. And of course all the core professional services that NCS Fluid Handling is already known for.

The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems understands that our services are more than just moving water and the team works hard to continue to enhance our package of solutions and services with engineered designs, detailed site plans, and a complete documentation package.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems knows that our community and clients have unique needs and NCS considers those needs when evaluating and developing the solutions required to make our clients successful.

The NCS Group of Companies objectives and goals are aligned with of values of people, professionalism and integrity and aim to deliver the highest of standard of Industrial water management and responsible water utilizations when performing all our Well-point Dewatering operations, Water Treatment, Filtration, Hydro-Testing and River Diversion services across the region.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is proud to be one of the only water management providers that incorporates engineering principles along with LEAN processes to provide functional systems and solutions at a competitive price without compromise to safety or the environment.

The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc is proud to serve the industrial, municipal and energy sector. On all job sites, the NCS focus is to offer the highest level of community, customer service, with safety first and a strong quality plan.

Building strong partnerships across Canada and the USA is a foundation of meetings are never ending vision to provide the latest and newest technologies in all our care and custody of industrial water usage.

The new NCS Process team is only the newest of these solutions for the team to have undertaken and we welcome the newest member to the NCS Process Equipment team Mehrzad Emmanuel.



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