Specialized Heating Services. Extreme Cold API Storage Tank and Pipline Hydrostatic Testing in Winter

Freeze Protection – API Storage Tank and Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing in Winter

The NHT 24MM Fluid Heaters as 24 million BTU diesel direct fired heaters that NCS Fluid Handling Systems incorporates into cold weather projects that require superheating of fluids or test water applications such as: 

  • Test Fluids Heating for cold weather for tests such as API 650 and 653 storage tank hydrostatic tests. 
  • Fluid heating support and water temperature stabilization for pipeline hydrostatic testing. 
  • Pipeline test water heating and flushing. 
  • Frac water heating. 
  • Pond thawing, for early access to test water. 
  • Pit retention pond heating. 
  • General fluid heating. 

The NHT 24MM Fluid Heaters used in the NCS fleet perform exceptionally in all applications. NHT 24 MM Heaters boast high efficiency, as well as higher flow through rates than other heaters in the market. The NHT 24MM has been designed in such a way that its design adaptations allow flexibility for installations in compact or congested areas and can be deployed either as a skid mounted or trailer mounted unit(s). 

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Specialized Heating Services NHT 24 MM Heater.
NCS Fluid Handling Systems Specialized Heating Services NHT 24 MM Heater.

In sticking with our NCS Fluid Handling Systems commitment to safety, quality, and solutions all the heaters in the NCS fleet employ safety shutdowns for high pressure, high heat, and no flow, while delivering low cost of operation and flexible design features.  

NHT 24MM Fluid Heaters can be operated as a slip stream or a direct flow through depending on your specific site requirements or application.

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