NCS Fluid Handling Systems holds profound respect for the Indigenous peoples who have stewarded this land for generations, and who continue to do so today. We also recognize the historical injustices that they have faced, and the resilience that they have shown.

NCS is committed to learning from and working with the Nations to advance reconciliation and partnership. We are not only acknowledging the land and the Indigenous peoples, but we are also acting in partnerships for professional improvement in our areas of industrial services and products. It is a long-standing tradition at NCS Fluid Handling Systems not to be viewed as a follower but to be a leader and our desired outcome is that our actions are making a positive difference for the present and the future.

We want to share how NCS Fluid Handling Systems, a company that provides professional services related to the proper care and custody of resources in the industrial sectors related to dewatering, water treatment and site water management. NCS Fluid Handling Systems is taking Indigenous relationships in Canada proactively and how they have recently filled an integral role to support this initiative.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is a Canadian-owned and operated company that serves the energy, mining, industrial and municipal construction markets across Canada, with a focus on safety, quality, and customer service.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is supporting increased Indigenous relationships across Canada proactively by creating a new position of Director of Indigenous Relations, recently filled by Jacqueline Greenwood. Jacqueline is an experienced professional with a background in non-profit work and First Nation and First Nation Business roles. She has a passion for people and community and economic development, and she specializes in client relations and project management.

Jacqueline’s role is to support the company’s cross-Canada strategy through proactive engagement with local Indigenous communities. She is also responsible for advancing the company’s internal training and development around its corporate commitment to Indigenous reconciliation and engagement. Jacqueline will work closely with the business development team to identify potential partnerships that bring value to the local communities and First Nations, as well as support the existing and future clients’ commitments to engaging with Indigenous businesses. Jacqueline will also be the primary point of contact for ensuring that the existing Indigenous partnerships are serving their purposes by adding value to the communities and nations that they partner with through economic prosperity, education, training and development, and employment opportunities.

Our Indigenous relationship relations position is integrated into the framework that forms the beginning of a continuous engagement commitment and expands our mission statement. The company’s ongoing mission statement is to provide professionally designed fluid solutions and superior technical services in the field of dewatering, water treatment and site water management. By engaging with Indigenous communities and businesses, NCS is continuing to seek feedback and integrate continuous improvement into professional environmental care and custody of the resources and lands we interact with during our industrial activities.

By hiring Jacqueline as the Director of Indigenous Relations, NCS Fluid Handling Systems is supporting our mission of industry leadership and continuous improvement in the industry. We are also showing our respect and recognition for the history, culture, and rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada. We are also contributing to the sustainable development and prosperity of Canada and its people. NCS Fluid Handling Systems is proud to welcome Jacqueline to the team and to support her in her important and meaningful work.

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