Frac water supply

Long Line Water Transfer for Mining operations

The team of system designers and engineers have years of long line water transfer experience. They understand that the proper care and custody of industrial water for utilization in all areas of industry from Energy to Mining. Industrial utilization of water is essential to energy company owners for hydraulic fracturing activities. NCS follows industry and regulatory practices when sourcing surface water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and municipal supplies. Water treatment is an essential service NCS provides. The quality of the water used is critical to the overall system performance.

NCS offers various support services such as temporary diversion license (TDL) water transfer CAD design and crossing agreements. NCS has industrial water heaters available. Also NCS works with many industry leaders for water heat services during various long line water transfer projects.

Like many water transfer projects, at first glance they seem simple. There are many hours of planning and preparation that go into action before a single drop of water is pumped. To ensure a project’s success, NCS Fluid Handling Systems collaborates with owners and contractors to meet Canada’s rigorous pipeline construction and integrity standards.

The NCS group of companies own and operate one of the largest specialized fleets of water transfer, pumping and treatment equipment in Canada. NCS is 100% Canadian owned and operated company. NCS a proud supporter of the Canadian Energy sector, Mining Industry and Municipal infrastructure.

NCS has grown over the years to be one of Canada’s premier service providers with a specialized team of dedicated water management and water treatment professionals. The entire teams takes pride in knowing that they have built a solid professional service brand and level of excellence that NCS Fluid Handling Systems name is synonymous with.

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