Erosion and Sediment Control System, Water management with water treatment

NCS Fluid Handling Systems continues to grow and enhance the overall water management market.

NCS has established itself as a trusted provider of sediment control on job sites throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Alberta, and British Columbia, thanks to their consistent performance and extensive experience. Their experienced technicians are trained and supported by the most current technologies and equipment.

True to the NCS reputation they respond with a sense of urgency to keep your project site safe, functional, and environmentally compliant. They have gained the confidence of municipal governments and environmental engineers by ensuring that all work is carried out as per the permit and execution plan.

The team at NCS Erosion and Sediment control have experience across Canada and in many major municipalities. They apply this knowledge to the various & changing water conditions that may be influenced by weather patterns or seasonality and are able to make quick and accurate adjustments to the water treatment system.

Using state of the art telematics and technology the team make educated decisions and look to support projects with accurate data and current information. The overall goal is to provide and enhanced information communication process that provides reduced overall costs for all stakeholders.

Its inherent in the NCS Fluid Handling Systems culture that they understand the importance to manage risk. Every design and executions plan take data derived for the initial consultation with the client team and moves along our Project Management process to engagement with the client project management. This engagement ensures that everyone understands that environmental requirements, jurisdictional oversight and that the water management plan is ready for action and fit for purpose.  

Their erosion and sediment control services include, water treatment :

Pre-Construction site inspections.

Regulatory compliance advisory team

Permit process advisory team

Erosion, and sediment Control Design

Long term site water planning and temporary water management systems

Telematics and information systems for On-Site communication

Scada Communication options and remote monitoring

The NCS Fluid Handling Systems total water treatment system

Not only do you get a trusted erosion and sediment control system, you also get access to one of Canada’s largest specialized water treatment and water management businesses partnerships. They offer a complete suite of design and engineered solutions all supported by one of the largest specialized fleets of regionally located equipment from Ontario to BC.

For Example.

Carbon Beds- 8000, 5000,2000, & 1000-pound tanks

Sand pot filters

Bag Filters from 4 bag to 16 bag single and dual

Lamella tanks from 150 to 250 GPM

10K Gallon and 21k Weir tanks

Pumping systems of all types and sizes.

Containment systems

Portable tanks

Temporary diversion dams

Water Transfer systems – Lay flat hose, steel or aluminum pipe and HDPE

Dewatering Systems – well-points, eductors and deep wells

Design specific Liquid flocculant

pH Adjustment systems

Chemical injection systems

Telematics with remote communication 10” down to 3” diameter

Local team supporting projects 24 / 7.

Contact the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems before it becomes and issue. Get the right be design backed by the right team across the nation.

For additional information visit ESCABC

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