Dewatering and NCS Fluid Handling Systems:

Dewatering is a proven method to remove excess water in order to reduce moisture content in soil, construction sites, mining sites, and other types of projects where water is an obstacle. NCS Fluid Handling Systems is a leading provider of well-pointing services for a wide variety of industries across the world. At NCS, we combine cutting edge technology with extensive expertise to deliver comprehensive and effective dewatering solutions for all types of applications. In this post, we take a closer look at what well-pointing is and why you can count on NCS for your dewatering service requirements.

What is well-pointing and sand-pointing and why is NCS the best:

Dewatering is the process of removing water from soil, rock or any other surface material using specialized equipment such as pumps, tanks, and filters. Surface pumping is crucial for many applications such as construction, mining, and oil and gas drilling. At NCS, we use advanced dewatering methods to extract water safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Apart from surface pumping, we also offer filtration services that involve removing water from fluids such as oil and gas, which are then reused or disposed of safely.

At NCS, we understand that no single dewatering system works for all types of projects. That’s why we offer customized solutions for each project, including site analysis, process design, and implementation. We have a team of experienced engineers who work with our clients to understand site-specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Our team is always committed to providing safe and responsible dewatering services in every project we undertake.

NCS has a well-maintained fleet of dewatering equipment, including submersible pumps, jet pumps, filtration units, and lamella tanks, which are serviced and maintained to the highest standards. We work with a proactive approach to ensure that our equipment is efficiently deployed, effectively maintained, and constantly upgraded to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. We also have a 24/7 service support team that is always ready to respond to emergencies and ensure that our clients get the service they need.

NCS’s industry-leading dewatering services have earned us a reputation as one of the most reliable service providers in the business. We are proud to have a track record of delivering on-time, on-budget projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Our team of experts remains committed to using the latest technology, refined methodologies, and unmatched service quality to tackle even the most complex dewatering challenges. With NCS, you can rest assured that your dewatering project is in good hands.


Well-pointing or Sand-pointing is an essential service for many industries, and NCS Fluid Handling Systems is one of the most renowned dewatering service providers in the world. Our extensive experience, advanced technology, and exceptional expertise make us the preferred choice for many clients for all types of dewatering requirements. At NCS, we ensure our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and we are always committed to delivering the best possible results. Contact us today for all your pumping needs, and experience the best in the business.

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