In the past 7 years the team has supported the industrial and municipal care and custody of water while performing all our services.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is a Canadian Industry leader around industrial water management, dewatering, & bypass services. In the past 2 years NCS has expanded to include the services related to the full service of water treatment.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems has grown to be the leader that provides professionally designed fluid management solutions. Our superior technical services the team has increased the companies’ capabilities by improving our engineering support. Capabilities have increased across all of our service areas in Canada & the northern United States. NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides the Energy, Mining, Industrial and Municipal Construction clients with the highest level of care & custody. Services include Dewatering, Hydro-Testing, Filtration, Sediment Control, Well-Point Dewatering, River Diversion, Sewer Bypass, & Industrial Treatment systems.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems has 6 locations currently across Canada from Ontario to Vancouver Island. Plans include the addition of 3 new locations in underserved areas in Canada. Our focus in the past two years is to expand the professional services that NCS offers along the west coast of Canada. The Langley & Vancouver Island branches have been in supporting the west coast of BC marketplace.

Dewatering services need the integration of water treatment. Water Treatment systems are integral given the discharge criterions of the various governing jurisdictions. One solution is the expanded service that NCS offers in combining well-points and heavy metal water treatment systems. NCS Fluid Handling Systems installation procedures manage TSS, when entrained metals on detected then NCS adds additional water treatment.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems has also heard our client base & has reduced treatment footprint by being the first to introduce Lamella tanks in place of large bulky multi tank systems.

Now with the introduction of truly effective water filtration systems NCS Fluid Handling Systems et al can meet regulatory discharge criteria.

Please call us directly at 236-268-0133 and talk directly to one of our design specialist Nakul Suresh or

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