NCS Fluid Handling Systems and its partners are Canada’s leading professional service provider specializing in both service or rentals in the dewatering and overall fluid solutions market sector , including Energy, Mining, Industrial, and Municipal Construction.

The service package encompasses a wide range of services:

Dewatering and Water Management Services:

They offer solutions for managing and controlling water in construction and industrial sites.

Hydro Testing:

This involves testing the integrity of storage tanks and pipelines using water as a test media.

Filtration and Treatment:

NCS provides technically reviewed and designed solutions for water treatment, water filtration, sediment control systems, hydrocarbon removal, as well as Iron Removal and other heavy metal treatment systems.

Erosion & Sediment Control:

They provide solutions to manage and control sediment in water bodies.

Well-Point Dewatering:

Dewatering is used to lower groundwater and control the ground water levels during construction or remediation projects.

River Diversion:

NCS offers services to divert rivers or creeks for construction or environmental restoration projects.

Sewer Bypass:

They provide solutions for redirecting sewage flow around a construction or repair site.

24-hour Service:

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides 24-hour service. Serving both planned and emergency response projects with fluid pumping services, flood barrier products and spill containment.

Fire Fighting Water Supply and Support:

They provide support for fire fighting water supply.

Flood Pumping Services:

In emergency situations, they offer flood pumping services.

Services are backed by a cross Canada team of experts that are supported by professional engineers. All designs are reviewed designs serving fluid management systems.

What Is dewatering around the world?

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