Well-point Dewatering is just the process that is used to achieve both the dewatering of a excavation as well as soil stabilization within the excavation for improved safety and ground water mitigation/

While well-pointing is used to dewater during construction activities such as pipeline installation or integrity digs, an excavation also requires soil stabilization in soils with low permeability with some silts or sandy silts. Well-point dewatering also can be incorporated into applications where shoring or sheet piles are used to reduce hydraulic ground pressure. Dewatering and stabilization are achieved by using Vacuum, generated by pumps in most cases and simply put the vacuum generated increases the hydraulic gradient casing flow to the well point / header and is useful to drawdown more than 22 – 25 feet of ground water in low permeable soils. But other than having an excavation with water in it why does NCS Fluid Handling Systems design, engineering and technicians focus on all the ground and site-specific conditions to stabilize soil and deliver a dry excavation.

In general, dewatering means modification of ground water by redirecting seepages, lowering the ground water table and simply reducing the water content in foundation soil to completely dry and stabilize the soil within an excavation ensuring the successful long-term use of assets such as water, gas or oil pipelines.

Now with a new look and focus on added efficiency and safety the Team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is excited to meets these challenges head on, Who says you can’t have it all!

Industry leading fuel consumption ✅

World class sound attenuation ✅

Compact pumping footprint ✅

Best in class efficiency ✅

90 CFM vacuum pump ✅

335 CFM total pump performance (air & water) ✅
The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems has been extremely busy in our new facility for readying the new fleet of Hudig’s! The shop is busy getting these units site ready with winterization packages, positive air shutoffs, fittings, and telematics so they can go straight to work for our valued customers!
Average 0.91 gal/h fuel consumption with a 69-gallon tank for over 3 days of run time…on a single tank of fuel! 62 dBA sound rating means reduced noise for our workers, homeowners and the general public!
Want to learn more about how these pumps can help you get your job done on time, on budget and with less fuel burn? Give Dustin or any of his sales team a call at NCS Fluid Handling Systems today and get all the information to improve safety and save overall project costs.

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