At NCS Fluid Handling Systems dewatering and sewer bypass are core services and with the addition of professional designers and new shops in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island NCS expands its service coverage.
The road ahead is clear at NCS Fluid Handling Systems with new partners, new clients, new geography as well as new products and markets being serves across Canada with a focus on reclamation in the mining markets.

Well we have been quite of late its not from lack of being busy. 

This next month or two are going to be very exciting and full of significant events at NCS Fluid Handling Systems. The new NCS Fluid Handling Systems shop and yard on Vancouver Island is taking shape, it will be a state of the art building serving both the industrial water management requirements as well the Environmental needs that are unique to the Island. Then we launch the new digs in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley with an Engineering center of excellence and a new dewatering training center for new hires at NCS Fluid Handling Systems. Of and that’s not all we are expanding east across Canada but stay tuned as our new strategic M & A opportunities role out making NCS Fluid Handling Systems and friends the largest specialized full service industrial water business in Canada. 

Nothing about the NCS team is business as usual and for now the existing partners and facilities serve our current markets and clients we have supported to date and with all improvements on the go we only expect that industry leading service to continue and grow. 

NCS Environmental Solutions et al are all relocating along with the entire dewatering, sewer bypass, hydro-testing and water treatment businesses. We have added new tanks, sand filter pots, pumps, parts, service product lines as well as all of the NCS Environmental Solutions coffer dams, spill containments, culvert plugs, AquaFlex Canada spill recovery / prevention products and portable containment berms. The addition of the full test center and Ark Flood and Dam authorized recertification center is now complete and ready for the 2023 spring season supporting our clients and those at risk of flooding. 

In Spring of 2023 year the new 1000 square foot showroom will be completed and technical representatives on site to explain all the benefits of the pumping products, water treatment and water management equipment that NCS et al represent in western Canada. New facilities will have client tours throughout the year. 

Watch for the news announcements over the next couple months around our new pump deals, rentals, dewatering products, spill containments, Engineering solutions, water treatment packages and coffer dams. Aiming to improve the overall cost, professionalism and quality in the market is what we have always endeavoured to deliver and those values are at the roots of our heritage. Cost is not measured at the bottom right hand corner, NCS has proven that time and time again by supporting the total cost benefit for our clients through overall quality, safety performance, fuel saving and automation initiatives. 

Employee Care – this team makes the difference 

Customer Care – we work to make the client first 

Environmental Care – this team looks for solutions that lead not follow 

Spill containments that exceed expectations and quality contributing to total cost of ownership 

Water filled Coffer Dams assisting with flood abatement and working to protect  

Sound Attenuation – did you know that sound attenuation is not only to reduce the noise emissions from operating equipment in public vicinity but also to protect workers hearing from operating equipment. Hearing protection and safety go hand in hand. 

Fuel costs on a project can be substantial, NCS automation packages and new fuel efficient equipment continue to support further savings around cost of fuel usage and related savings on fuel delivery costs. 

Lots of great progress has been made and much more in the works. The right team makes the difference and this is apparent at NCS Fluid Handling Systems. 

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