Management Team

The NCS Fluid Handling Systems team has over 300 years of combined knowledge and experience in all aspects of water management with specialists in Total Water Custody Management supporting the responsible use of Industrial water for services related to dewatering or river diversion as well as Water Treatment, Water Filtration, storage tank hydro-testing, Pipe Line testing support services, Specialized Heating Systems, Sewer Bypass, Well Point Dewatering, Site Water Management, and large scale project management.

The NCS Fluid Handling Systems team has extensive managerial and operational knowledge in industries serving the Canadian Construction industry, Liquid Natural Gas projects, Liquid Propane Gas Projects, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin development, Northern Canadian Oil Sands, Municipal Infrastructure and the mining industry in Canada.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems CEO Owen Gilbert

Owen Gilbert


A solution oriented strategic leader supported by years of business development and operational experience. Proven record of developing winning business strategies, driving corporate sales growth and increased margins. Brings a personal commitment to continuously working to develop individuals into top talent in a highly skilled team environment. Strong industry knowledge with a specialty in manufacturing, LEAN Principles, API storage tanks, Fluid handling treatment and Water Management systems. 

Owen has worked in Western Canada for over 40 years in the energy, industrial markets providing administrative and technical support to all areas with a strong focus on manufacturing, operations and industrial services. Owen’s commitment is to both internal and external customers expectations and his focus throughout the years has been to provide customers with exceptional customer service and innovative solutions. Owen has worked in all aspects of business over his career and applies those talents day-to-day as the managerial leader at NCS supporting all the various department partners, stakeholder relationships and business partnerships that NCS Fluid Handling Systems are committed to. 

  • Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada, MBA
  • Queens Executive MBA, Kingston, Ont, Canada
NCS Fluid Handling Systems VP Field Operations Caillan Charpentier

Caillan Charpentier

VP Field Operations

A team leader with solution-minded expertise and exceptional analytical problem-solving abilities. Track record of compiling teams of highly skilled field technicians bringing quality service and safe operations to customer projects. Extensive managerial and operational experience in the Western Canadian marketplace. Highly skilled in system designs in all industrial environments, with a specialty in custom-designed pumping systems and hydro-testing of LPG Tanks, Spheres, LPG tanks, AWWA, API storage tanks and pipelines.

Caillan is one of the founding partners in NCS bringing over 20 years of experience in support of the team’s growth in the industrial services and energy sectors.  During this time, he has provided his technical expertise in the field as well as in the capacity of senior management. Supported by excellent shop and field-level supervisory staff, Caillan has successfully overseen the operational management of multiple projects and crews from estimate to execution. His primary focus has been providing exceptional service and support to his customers in the business of Total Custody Water Management applicable to the industrial use of water for API storage tank hydro-testing and long-distance water transfer, sewer bypass, river diversions and high-volume water transfer systems.  

Caillan works directly with the Human resources team and heads up the NCS Fluid Handling Systems technician development training program which supports the NCS Fluid Handling Systems goal of continuous improvement in training in safety and serves both project administrators and the continuous operational development of both our core technical team and new technicians.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems CFO Marliese Fraser

Marliese Fraser


Marliese is a vibrant leader with an unmatched enthusiasm for business management and financial business leadership. Marliese mentors not only the financial and accounting team but rounds out the NCS Fluid Handling Systems executive and operational teams with a collaborative attitude and dynamism that encourages the entire team to strive for enhanced performance of all KPI’s and business initiatives.

Marliese joined the NCS team in 2020 and has rapidly become an essential part of the NCS management team, her responsibilities are primarily for overseeing the accounting and finance activity within NCS and providing financial leadership and reporting to the management team. She has over 20 years of experience in finance, obtaining her CPA (CMA) designation in 2010. Her passion for travel and finance has taken her around the globe, supporting her with first-hand experience in several diverse markets. Before joining NCS, Marliese held finance positions in several industries including Oil and Gas, Automotive Manufacturing, Utilities, and Property Management. She began her journey into finance and accounting at the University of Alberta, studying Commerce.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems VP Sales and Marketing Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson

VP Sales and Marketing

Dustin leads with a goal to bring best in class fluid handling solutions to every project, combined with over 10 years of water pumping industry expertise. An engaging style focusing on the team and customer satisfaction. A wide range of data driven managerial skills and firsthand operational experience in the Canadian energy, mining, and municipal market sectors. Technically compliant and highly skilled in all types of water handling system designs in all industrial environments, with a specialty in custom-designed pumping systems, river bypass systems and creek diversion planning. 

Dustin has provided his substantial technical expertise and support in the services planning as well as the design department. Dustin works closely with designers and supervises the engineered bypass plans that NCS adheres to for all sewer bypass plans. He is supported by a team of professionals focusing on safety, client success and overall project performance and one of the best field-level technical teams in the business. Dustin assists the operations teams and the many branches across Canada by interacting with operational management and project execution teams. His primary focus is to deliver a quality service package consistent with the values that the NCS name is synonymous with. 

Dustin works directly with the executive team and heads up the NCS Fluid Handling Systems recent FieldCap implementation and the “Ahead of the Curve”, an NCS developed client focused technical training program educating clients of water pumping and fluid solutions. 

NCS Fluid Handling Systems
Technical Product Representative Clint Johnstone

Clint Johnstone

Technical Product Representative

Clint is a driven self-managed individual in constant pursuit of best in class customer care and support. Clint is a products specialist with 25 years of related experience in the industrial, municipal and energy sectors. Clint has a diverse background from hands-on operational experience to years of related product research and technical knowledge. Clint’s solution oriented nature and business experience provides NCS Fluid Handling Systems with a unique industry perspective and knowledge and his customer care focus supports the vision and values of the NCS Family. Clint is additionally supported by his vast network of industry experts, suppliers and resources. He has a proven ability to establish and maintain strong customer relationships through exemplary customer care and client service / support. Being one of three original members of the NCS team from its inception the NCS team is proud to have Clint as a technical products leader, fully supporting the NCS message and vision to our markets. With such a strong focus on customer care and support aligning with the entire NCS Technical and Administrative team members efforts, the outcome can only deliver best in class service and supply. Clint has always been a valued contributor and supporter of the goal of exceptional customer experience and service that the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team strives for. 

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