April Multiple tank hydrotests

NCS Fluid Systems API 650 Air over Hydro tests

NCS Fluid Systems API 650 Air over Hydro tests

The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is proud of the work the NCS crew is doing on this multi tank hydro test on API-650 new built storage tanks. The NCS Fluid Handling System design is working flawlessly with fill and transfer right on schedule without any safety or quality concerns.

These particular API tank hydro tests are a bit unique in that they have a fill with water component to perform the fully functional tank operation test and tank base settlement assessment, but these tank test have an air pressure over water test that proves uplift integrity as per API 650 design and testing guidelines. 

Tank one is complete and passed without issue and transfer to tank two in progress and so on until all tanks are completed. Great collaboration between client and the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team of system designers, project managers and skilled technicians!

Good work everyone.