Water Transfer Systems

Water Transfer Lay Flat Hose

Water Transfer Lay Flat Hose

Temporary Water transfer Systems

 It was not that long ago that the majority of Temporary Water transfers were designed and installed using only hard pipe systems bolted together with clamps, and while these hard piped systems are required in specific areas of water transfer systems the use of Lay Flat water transfer hose, using a hose reel deployment device, have advanced to support these temporary water transfer pipelines, used to support API 650 and 653 storage tank hydrotests, pipe line hydrotests, flood water disposal as well as temporary water management systems used in applications such as dam diversion, flood mitigation, river diversion or bypasses. Temporary water transfer systems take many forms and can serve various projects in virtually any situation. NCS Fluid Handling Systems engineers and designers work in conjunction with our clients and our skilled team of Project managers / administrators to develop a temporary water transfers system that considers all options, solutions and one that lead to overall project success.

The design team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems considers, overall site conditions, full operating system design requirements, compressive project planning and the skillsets of key operational technicians for each water transfer systems to ensure the overall project success is achieved without compromise to safety, quality of overall service or schedule. They develop a project specific pumping plan providing a detailed package of pumping plans, with primary and standby pumps identified and when required, engineering flow calculations, flow curves, AutoCAD drawings and topographical diagrams of line routes and equipment placement.

In meeting with the goal to continually look for solutions to improve overall safety and performance on our clients projects the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems recently incorporated the use of new low-profile lay flat hose reels and deployment systems that provide a reduced center of gravity improving overall stability during lay flat hose deployment and retrieval, improved safety with the low-profile design giving operations personnel improved line of site and an overall improved rate of deployment and retrieval aiding in meeting and potentially improving on project schedule.

Low profile hose reels